“I am not saying you’re not, I’m saying that there’s always room for improvement. Just like I fixed a few things in my own suits I could have made you better under certain aspects. Though, yes, you were absolutely perfect for your purpose.”


“Does it bother you? Knowing Peter just gave you back?”

"Yeah, I s’pose as a suit I was perfect for my function. It wasn’t as if I was designed and pieced together through pure chance or anything. I was created for a purpose. Huh? Oh…”

"Of course. But that’s just what happens sometimes."


Aw yis! Iron Spider and Bleeding Edge, livin’ it up!

I have no idea how it’s going to go. xD

thebleedingedge37 asked: ""Definitely~" Smiling softly, she headed outside, pulling out an umbrella from her bag and opening it up. She waited patiently outside, pulling a map out of her pocket. "I found a cheap hotel nearby. We can stop there~ If that's alright with you.""

"That’s fine," Iron Spider replied softly, stepping outside as well. Her hands remained on the hood of her top, as she glanced up at the sky. "Just lead the way, alright?" Her tone remained soft and gentle, as she placed one hand down on the brunettes arm. They’d have fun together, though it’d be tough to try and work things out by themselves. But some how the pair would get by.


Dear family,

Dear Mr. Stark, Miss Potts and all of the suits. And appliances!

I guess this is sort of a goodbye. I’m not leaving forever, I’m not deactivating, I promise. I’m just going away. People do that all of the time don’t they? It happens in all of my books, it happens on the television and. now it’s happening here. I’m leaving with Iron Spider to go live somewhere else for a while. I won’t be hanging around to Tower so much now.

I should have. Let me say… This isn’t your fault! I promise! It’s mine. Please don’t worry either, I won’t be gone for long and with the amount of money that Iron Spider and I have we won’t be able to get very far. Maybe I could even visit. If you wanted me to of course. I don’t know if you will, but I’d like to stop by now and then if I could.

There’s more than 40 suits now. Maybe not all of them have awakened, perhaps some never will. Either way there’s a lot of suits running around and if I’m not doing anything it isn’t fair to be keeping space from those who would actually use it wisely. I can’t cook or clean with hurting myself. I nearly fell down the stairs the other day. I’m not adjusting to being human. I used to adjust to things all the time, adjust, adapt and create. But I can’t do that any more. And it’d be wrong to demand time from anyone to help me learn or to just be around me.

Iron Spider will look after me. She’s rarely around anyways… she’s had jobs. A lot of them. We have enough money to rent a motel for a few days. I’m going to get a job and be useful. When I learn how to be human, maybe I’ll come back because then I wouldn’t be a burden anymore, would I?

I have to go know. Iron Spider will be waiting for me. It’s raining. I like the rain. I can’t rust now, can I?

I love you all. Don’t worry.


Bleeding Edge.

Model 37, Version 1

thebleedingedge37 asked: "After writing her letter and placing it on her bed, the brunette grabbed her bags and raced for the lift herself. She was just grateful she didn't run into anyone along the way. When the lift opened up into the lobby, Alice shivered lightly and shrugged her bag onto her back so that she could wrap her arms around herself. The girl gave Spidey a bright grin, pleased to see her standing there and nodded, "You ready?""

Of course she was ready! This was it, they were moving out and about to make something of themselves. There was no telling just what would happen exactly, and that was kind of exiting. “Yeah… Jeez, just look at this rain though. I don’t s’pose you did some kinda rain dance or somethin’?”

Just what the heck was a rain dance? Iron Spider couldn’t remember where she’d picked that term up - but it didn’t really matter. Giving a grin of her own, she opened the door. “Let’s get going.”

thebleedingedge37 asked: "Bleeding Edge blushed, turning her head away as she muttered, "Y-yeah. It's packed. I wanted to be prepared." Even if Iron Spider hadn't agreed to leaving with her, Alice was all set to go. It was time for her to do something by herself, to stop being a hindrance. Time for her to grow up and stop being so... annoyingly childish and innocent. She glanced at the ground, moving away, "I'll fetch my bag. Meet you in the lobby?" Alice didn't wait for a reply, jogging off."

Iron Spider nodded softly, watching Alice leave. It was time she actually did something with the money she had saved. Not as if they could all live in the Tower forever - especially not Iron Spider herself. She certainly wasn’t like the others - as a suit or as a human now. Maybe that should have been a good thing. But the blonde needed time to adjust to being herself and liking herself, before she could change enough to get on with others.

Taking the lift down to the lobby, she waited patiently for her sister to approach. She’d grab a bag later, she didn’t need too much. Pulling up the hood of her hoodie, the girl watched the rain fall outside absently.

thebleedingedge37 asked: "Alice shrank back a little, falling silent for a moment before giving a soft smile, "Good. I think... we'd be okay together wouldn't we?" The brunette wrapped her arms around herself, thinking through everything once again. "I don't do much here. I hang around, that's all. I want to learn and be useful and... Maybe we could go out and try to do that.""

"……You’ve already got a bag packed, haven’t you?" Iron Spider gave an amused smile, arching an eyebrow over at the brunette. She glanced around the room, giving a tiny nod to herself as some inner debate was concluded. "I want to be useful. It’d be nice to feel wanted for a change."

She took in a deep breath, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “I’ve saved up some money, y’know. Enough for a little while. I took on as many jobs as I could the last while. Almost since becoming human. And I saved the money. We could last a while, and get jobs to keep us going.”

She glanced at the ground, shuffling. “Go get your bag. We should leave whilst we still want to go.”

thebleedingedge37 asked: ""Let's run away. Let's go someplace else. Okay?""

The blonde glanced over at Alice with wide eyes for a moment. …Run away? The rain was starting to pour down, the sky was gloomy and overall it seemed like an awful time to start something new.

"Yeah. Yeah, let’s do that."




“Well, of course, it’s not easy to forget a war. At least you have just bits and pieces of it running through your mind. Anyhow Peter got his suits a bit after the whole Registration Act was first started, not much. An incredibly suit, but it probably could have been improved— not that Parker cared since he then switched back to the other side”

"Not many things running through my mind are happy memories~ Well… No. At the start it wasn’t so bad. Then the real fights started. …..Hey! I think I’m pretty good just as I am, thank you very much~"

"Honestly. …Hm? Oh. Right. Now being given back? That I remember clearly. Yeah."



“Like yourself, no one else. Be your own person.”


“You really don’t remember anything of your past life? Because, let me tell you, maybe it’s better if you don’t poke your memories. I mean— do you really want to remember about something so bad?”

"Very inspirational. When I find out who that is I’ll be sure to do so~"

"I… I remember bits and pieces. Things that I thought I’d forgotten come back to me now and then. And it’s not as if I could forget that there was a war going on. And the… destruction that caused. There’s just gaps now and then.”